Natural treatment for PANDAS

Treating PANDAS Naturally: Homeopathy Testimonial

B.K. Kansas City, U.S. |
8-Year Old Girl with PANDAS

Our eldest daughter changed overnight with behaviors that she had never had before (excessive hand washing, frequent urination, tics, extreme anxiety, no joy anymore). After receiving a diagnosis of PANDAS, we felt hopeless, confused and very overwhelmed and reading online only made the situation seem more bleak, with story after story of unsuccessful conventional treatments.

When I found Carmel online, after reading her qualifications and approach I was instantly encouraged that she could be the one to help our daughter. I was incredibly impressed by the amount of information Carmel required prior to our initial consult as this is something we did not experience with other homeopaths in the past and yet, is something I now feel is crucial in understanding a person as a “whole” when choosing a correct remedy.  

After our consult she prescribed a remedy and within days I saw my daughter coming back to herself.  Within weeks it was as if it had never happened.  I remember clearly because we had a family vacation planned about 6 weeks after our remedy started and by that vacation, she was functioning completely as herself.  

Any time we have had an acute situation arise since then Carmel has been instrumental in getting her back on track, whether it be from a regular illness such as coughs and colds, or a flare of PANDAS symptoms.  

Carmel’s demeanor is outstanding and she has a thoughtful, gentle, caring approach that is very reassuring, especially to stressed parents. Carmel has been invaluable to our family and we owe her so much gratitude for the way she has helped us.