Homeopathic Remedy for Verruca

Persistent Cough and Child’s Verruca Cleared with Homeopathy: Testimonial

G.M. Naas, Co. Kildare |
Persistent Cough, Diagnosed as Asthma, Resolved in 3 Weeks with Homeopathy. Verruca Gone in 6 Weeks.

My daughter, at age 3, had a cough which persisted for months. A GP diagnosed asthma, and prescribed an inhaler. My partner and I did not accept this, and we brought our daughter to Carmel. After about three weeks on the remedy, the cough disappeared, never to return. Our daughter is now 18 years old.

At about age five, my daughter and her mother both had verrucas.  My partner attended a chiropodist, who “burnt” off the verruca. To this day, the location of the verruca is still sensitive, and verrucas have returned.

We brought our daughter to Carmel. During a period of about 6 weeks on the prescribed remedy, the verruca, as predicted by Carmel, changed colour, eventually turning black, and falling off. There is no sensitivity at what was the verruca’s location, and our daughter has never had verrucas since.

There have been other successes, but none as plainly obvious as the above two. I am both dismayed and bemused by people’s dismissal of Homeopathy as nonsense. I don’t have an opinion that it works, I KNOW it works.