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Mother’s Vertigo and Child’s Sleep Disturbance resolved with Homeopathy

R.B. Naas, Co. Kildare |
Family Homeopathy: Vertigo and Sleep Disturbance

I have attended Carmel for many years now and that time has spanned many stages of my life from child rearing to menopause. She has always been my first port of call. She has an in depth knowledge of homeopathy but also has a vast knowledge of many aspects of a person’s well being and gives very sound, practical advice.

I recall when my 8 year old was suffering from sleep disturbances, after the upset of a car accident and Carmel was able to quickly identify a remedy which settled her back to normal routine.

I was, in the past, troubled by bouts of vertigo, which left me very unsteady in the mornings, and again she gave me a remedy which worked immediately. It had been suggested that I take medication for the problem but this was not necessary once I started to take the remedy.

I am delighted to be a patient of Carmel’s and would not hesitate to encourage others to contact her.