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Family Homeopathy: Testimonial

BD, Sallins, Co. Kildare |
Family having Constitutional Homeopathy

Carmel is like a “life-midwife”, as distinct from a birthing midwife. She has supported me in the caring and parenting of our two children from matters of physical health and nutrition to the emotional and psychological ups and downs of everyday life. She has been a trusted sounding board and advisor.

There is a deeply spiritual integrity to the way that Carmel works with her clients. She is gentle, warm, kind and compassionate, but she practices from a place of deep conviction. This is very comforting, particularly as one may often be vulnerable when seeking the support of a homeopath.

My two children have always loved going to see Carmel. Why wouldn’t they? They have her undivided attention, she listens so well to what they have to say, she engages completely with where they’re at, and most interestingly for them, she often gently challenges them in the way she responds to them, without platitude or cliché.