baby eczema resolved with homeopathy

Baby’s Eczema Cleared with Homeopathy: Testimonial

K.S. Clane, Co. Kildare |
Eczema Resolved with Homeopathy

Our 8 month daughter had eczema since she was 6 weeks old. She would scratch herself until her skin started to bleed. She was irritated all the time and crying a lot. She could not sleep at night because of itchy skin.

We tried every cream and lotion on the market. Most of them did very little in improving her skin or even made it worse. Our GP prescribed topical steroids. We didn’t feel comfortable using steroids on such young baby, so we looked for alternatives, which wouldn’t be toxic or harmful for our baby.

We googled to find a homeopath in our area, and Leinster Homeopathy came up. At the appointment, the lady homeopath was very kind and understanding. She asked lots of questions about our daughters symptoms and personality. By all that information she found a suitable homeopathic remedy for our daughter. The remedy was very easy to give.

After one week of using the remedy, our baby’s skin started to improve. There was less itching. After few weeks her skin was so much better. Little or no itching at all. We could finally have good nights sleep without her waking up scratching and crying.

She is 15 months old now and has clear, soft skin. She is a much happier baby now. We are so happy that we tried homeopathy. Will definitely use it again. Would advise anyone to try it.