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3 Year Old Boy with Autism: Homeopathy Testimonial

H.W. Dublin |
3 Year Old Boy with Autism

My son has been having Homeopathic Detox Therapy now for about 7 months. Before treatment his meltdowns and aggression and complete non-recognition of his own name were hard to cope with.

The benefits so far have been amazing and we have only started. His hand flapping has eased. It’s still there but not as strong. There has been a massive breakthrough in eye-contact. His sleep has also changed in that now he sleeps all night through. He has started to make new sounds and words and is communicating with gestures. He has also started to interact and play with his older brother which is amazing to watch, as before he would just sit on his own and play with wheels or be in a daze.

We feel as a family that we have been listened to, which is most important. The friendly reassuring talks with Carmel have been an amazing experience and the detail in which the problems are assessed are second to none. It’s never a rushed job with Carmel. If we need to contact her she is just a phone call or an email away and is always accessible. I most definitely recommend Homeopathic Detox Therapy and Leinster Homeopathy.