Studies Showing Beneficial Effects of Homeopathy

You'll often hear that there is no scientific evidence in favour of homeopathy. It's a statement repeated so often that people assume it's a fact but it's NOT TRUE.

Robert Medhurst, BNat, ND, DHom, is an Australian naturopath specialising in homeopathy. He has taken the time to compile this list of 500 abstracts from human, animal, plant and in-vitro scientific studies published in peer-reviewed journals that show abundant evidence to confirm a positive effect from homeopathy. Here, for your consideration, is a link to:




When you have perused these 500 studies, you will understand that statements saying there's no evidence are not backed by much research.

Autism Studies

Indian research into Homeopathy's Effectiveness in Autistic Spectrum Disorder

The Spandan Holistic Mother-And-Child Care Hospital, located in Mumbai, India, conducted a research project with the title “Exploring the effectiveness of homeopathic therapeutics in the management of childhood autism disorder” from November 2006 to November 2009. The project was conducted under the auspices of the Central Council of Research in homeopathy, under the Ministry of Health, Government of India. Sixty cases were enrolled from November 2006 to March 2008. Follow-ups were studied for the period of one year.

Homeopathic intervention brought about modification in the behaviour quite rapidly, followed by changes in other aspects. Children who were gradually regressing and showing a trend towards deterioration showed marked reversal in autistic features (AHS1 36 to AHS5 14.30; p value < 0.05) (Fig. 5). (AHS = Autistic hyperactivity score. Scale measures hyperactivity expressed in the form of restlessness, object fixation, spinning, fidgety etc. Range 0 to 59.)

There was sharp decrease in the ATEC score after starting homeopathic treatment. When we examine mean scores, there also we can see that almost 34% improvement takes place in the first quarter, and 60% by six months (Fig. 6).

Read more: Effectiveness of Homeopathy in Autism: Research Project Findings

Other Ongoing Research

The Homeopathy Research Institute was set up as an international charity to provide the kind of information that will support the results that everyday users of homeopathy experience in practice.

In this video Rachel Roberts, Chief Executive Officer of the Homeopathic Research Institute, talks about their work.

Research about How Homeopathy Works

Dr Steven Cartwright, Mollecular Biologist and Researcher at The Homeopathic Research Institute describes his investigation into the mechanism of how homeopathic remedies work. He is trying to replicate, in a test tube, what happens in the human body when a remedy is taken.

Towards the end of the video, he comments that if the mechanism can be identified, the method of assay could be patented; homeopathy could then become much more expensive for patients. A case of be careful what you wish for, perhaps!

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