Full Homeopathy Service Available Online

If you are looking for a holistic solution to your health issue, there’s no need to wait until COVID is over.

For years I believed that online homeopathy wasn’t possible but in 2015 I had my first homeopathic consult from the other side of the desk, as the patient, and it opened my mind to how well it could work.

In 2016, I made the break into offering my own online consults and I’m so glad I did! This simple adjustment has opened up my practice to the whole wide world and I’ve been privileged to meet and offer homeopathic help to people in many different countries.

Now in these COVID times, local clients are consulting with me online too and are finding the process so much easier than expected. In fact, some are saying they won’t want to go back!

Here are Some Questions I’ve Been Asked about Online Consulting

Do I need to buy any special equipment?

Absolutely not! Your smart phone is all you need. It will have a camera and a microphone built in.

You will need an internet connection. This means either that you’ll need to be within range of your wifi signal, or else you can use your data from your phone service provider.

Do I need to be at a desk or table?

This isn’t necessary at all. People often consult with me from their kitchen or the comfort of their sofa or bedroom. Your car is also a very popular option, especially if you’re having your consult in your lunch hour from work. In fact, the car is also useful if you want to escape a houseful of stay-at-homers during the pandemic, as it gives you full privacy.

You can prop your phone against some object so that you don’t have to hold it for the whole consult.

What about lighting?

Nothing special needed here but it’s good if you can have some form of light source in front of you rather than behind you. e.g. If you sit with a window behind you, you’ll look like a dark shadow to me (a bit like witness protection on Prime Time!). If the window, or a lamp, is behind your phone, throwing a bit of light on your face, it’s much more satisfactory.

Do I need ear buds or a headset?

If you already own some, they might make the sound a bit crisper but I wouldn’t go getting them especially.

How do I pay?

You can pay online, securely, via Paypal. You don’t need to have a Paypal account. You can use any credit or debit card.

How do we arrange the Consult Time?

That can be done online too, via my scheduler.

Will you be able to get as much information about my case from an online consult?

To arrive at a prescription, I combine information from your intake form, photos and videos you may send, what you tell me and what I observe. I find that many people find it even easier to talk to me online than they would in person.

How Do I Choose Between Skype and Zoom?

They are both good options and both are free for you to use. At the moment, I find the picture quality slightly better on Skype.


If you want to use Skype, you will need to go to their web page in advance and download Skype to your phone.

Once you’ve downloaded the programme, you can sign in to create your account (it’s free). Top tip is to keep a note of your password. The biggest problem people have when they come back to Skype the next time is that they’ve forgotten their password.

Five minutes before our appointment, you will need to log into your Skype account and wait for me to call you at the arranged time. You can answer by tapping the video icon on your phone.


With Zoom, you don’t need to create an account. After you book an appointment, I will email you a meeting link. The first time you use a Zoom link, you’ll be prompted to download the app to your phone or computer (whichever you are using when you click on the link). Please allow 10 mins for this to be completed before our appointment time. For future calls, the app will already be on your phone or computer, so you’ll just have to click on the link and then click “join meeting”.

It’s a great idea to use Skype or Zoom for our initial introduction chat so that you get a trial run before our first full consult.

What about WhatsApp or Facebook Video Call?

WhatsApp is great for texting and sending photos or videos but I find that the picture quality for video calling leaves a lot to be desired. Facebook video call doesn’t meet my security requirements.

Can I Use my Computer Instead of my Phone?

Yes, most computers, laptops and tablets have a camera and microphone built in and this is an excellent option which gives us both a bigger picture of each other. You can download Skype for computers here. If you’re using Zoom, you can click on the link that I email for our appointment and it will prompt you to download the Zoom app to your computer.

How Can I Arrange an Initial Introduction Chat?

You can book yourself in for an initial 30 minute no-obligation chat here.

Alternatively, if your case is very straight-forward and you just want to book a first appointment, without initial chat, please email me here.

What if I’m in Another Time Zone?

You can check your timezone against mine, by going to my online booking system. 

When you set your time zone on the first page, the system will show you the available appointments in your time, so you can easily see whether my working hours will suit you.

If the time zones work, you can book a 30 minute clarity call, so you can tell me about your health issue and see how my homeopathic approach can meet your needs.

How Does it Work, Once I Book?

Once we’ve had a chat and you are ready to book a first consultation, or a 3-month comprehensive care plan, I send you a link to my online booking system, where you can book and pay for your first appointment or course of treatment. The system will allow you to reschedule, if you need to, up to 48 hours before the appointment time, without charge. At this time, I will send you an intake form to complete and return at least 3 working days before your first appointment.

First Consultation and Remedy Prescription

We have our first online homeopathy consultation, after which I work on your case. Within a few days, I email you with your remedy prescription, which you can have filled by a homeopathic pharmacy nearest to you. If you need help finding a suitable pharmacy, I’m usually able to suggest one.

If you live in the Republic of Ireland, this step is even easier because I can supply your remedies too.


Once you have received your remedy, we arrange the date for your follow-up appointment, to check on progress and continue your treatment. You will be able to contact me by email if you have a query between our arranged consults.