Homeopathy and Chronic Complaints in Adults and Children

I love to see people achieve their health and wellness goals. If you are coming with a long-term health complaint, I encourage you to make a commitment to yourself that you will work with me for a reasonable length of time. It’s best if the first 3 sessions are reasonably close together. Your second visit typically takes place one month after the first visit and your third visit could be 6 or 8 weeks after that.

During these initial months of treatment we are assessing your reaction to the remedy and adjusting the treatment accordingly. When a remedy is working well, it’s good to keep up the momentum. A cumulative benefit can be seen when your constitutional remedy is repeated at intervals. Once a strong direction of cure has been established, the intervals between visits are lengthened, with follow-up visits every 3 to 6 months, as long as you are feeling well.

The benefits frequently reported by my clients from having ongoing constitutional homeopathy include: full disappearance of presenting complaints, improved energy and a sense of well-being, more positive mood, better quality of sleep and better resistance to, or recovery from, acute illnesses.

Addressing the Root Cause of your Chronic Illness

Through careful case-taking, homeopathy seeks to identify possible triggers of illness. By prescribing a remedy to resolve the problem at this level, homeopathy can address not only your symptoms but also the root cause of your illness.

Emotions as the Root Cause of Illness

Let’s take the hypothetical case of a client who has been suffering with a physical complaint for some years. During her first visit, she tells me that the complaint began a few months after she had a major emotional trauma, from which she still hasn’t fully recovered.

To treat this situation more than superficially, I will need to give a remedy that resolves the emotional aspect of her case as well as the physical symptoms. I will prescribe on the biggest symptom picture I can see. In this case, I may prescribe a remedy for shock or grief, anger or guilt or whatever emotion this lady is currently struggling with. In this way, my prescription can bring ease, not only to the physical complaint, but also to the emotions that are at the root of this lady’s condition.

Homeopathic treatment is highly individualised and the consultation is long enough to allow you to explore your feelings in a safe and supportive space. The deepest acting remedy is one which addresses your emotional state as well as matching your characteristic physical symptoms.

Treating Root Causes by Strengthening Body Systems

Sometimes the basis of your condition is a physical weakness in a particular body system so that the focus of treatment will be to use remedies to target that specific area.

Treating Root Causes with Homeopathic Detoxification

When we piece your health timeline together, we may perceive that your health has been affected since incomplete recovery after a virus or some other past toxic exposure or unwanted side effect. That’s where the Homeopathic Detox aspect of my practice can address the root cause.

In such a case, as well as a constitutional homeopathic remedy, I would prescribe individualised specific detoxification remedies, and organ support remedies, as well as a small number of vitamins to support you during the detox process.

Combining Classical Homeopathy and Homeopathic Detox Therapy

Classical homeopathy involves giving a constitutional remedy, chosen to match you as an individual in order to raise your general level of health.

Homeopathic Detox Therapy is a system of assessing previous toxic exposures and clearing their unwanted effects homeopathically.

Homeopathic detox therapy is an effective additional tool to counteract the effects of taking suppressive medication over a long period of time. Using targeted detoxification remedies to clear unwanted side-effects will allow your constitutional remedy to work more effectively. Click to read more about the process of Homeopathic Detox Therapy.

Keeping Track of Progress

At each visit, I may ask you to assist me in completing a score sheet which allows us to rate your main symptoms and the degree to which they are causing you trouble. In this way, we can keep track of the progress you are making.

It’s encouraging when you can see that, step by step, your health is improving. People often come for one complaint and then find that several other areas of their health are also getting better. That’s what usually happens when you treat the whole person and that’s what holistic medicine is always aiming for.

How often should I come for a Consultation?

For chronic or long-term conditions, I usually recommend that you space your visits at around 5 to 6 weeks apart. Homeopathy can heal at a deep level and we need to give the remedies time to act and allow the process of healing to be set in motion, so there’s usually no benefit in coming back any sooner than that.

It’s better if you don’t leave longer than the recommended interval between visits. If you do, it will slow down the process greatly, which can lead to discouragement or frustration.

Maintaining Your Health with Homeopathy

Finding out that homeopathy really works can be a revelation. From then on, holistic minded people will use homeopathy as a first resort rather than a last one. Many people who use homeopathy as routine health maintenance come to see me for a constitutional boost once or twice a year.