How is Your Child Doing?

In evaluating your child's need for extra help, I suggest you look at 3 main areas:

1. Is he or she physically well?


2. Is he or she happy?


3. Is he or she able to learn and make progress?
Development is a series of rebirths - Maria Montessori

Homeopathy Can Help

Homeopathy provides a very gentle and non-invasive way to give your child with additional challenges some extra help. The homeopathic remedies I recommend are chosen to suit your child's case as a whole and each child's treatment will be different, according to their needs.

At the core of their treatment will be an individually chosen "constitutional" remedy but other support remedies can also be added, if these are appropriate.

Regularly in my practice, I witness improvements on all levels, mentally, emotionally and physically, during and after a course of individually tailored homeopathy.


Benefits Commonly Seen

At our follow-up visits, parents frequently tell me that their child has better physical health, seems better able to regulate their emotions, is calmer, happier, more at ease, more co-operative and more focused in their day-to-day life at home.

Jumps in development with issues such as toiletting, getting dressed or other self care skills are often reported. I frequently hear that the school or other therapists have noticed a difference and that learning and ability to make progress has increased.

Homeopathy is a wonderful way to help your child be well and reach their highest ability to thrive.


Complementary to Other Therapies

A homeopath does not diagnose any condition and does not take the place of your medical physician. Where necessary, the holistic approach can work alongside your doctor's recommendations or other therapies.

Many parents report that during a course of homeopathy, their child started to make more use of, and better progress in, the conventional therapies they were already engaged with.