What are cookies?
A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that is transferred to your browser when you visit a website. The data can only be read by the server that gave it to you. It cannot be executed as code or deliver viruses. Cookies are used by most websites and can do a number of things, eg remembering your preferences, recording what you have put in your shopping basket, and counting the number of people looking at a website.


Your Consent to Cookies
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What Cookies are used on Leinster Homeopathy’s website?
1. We use Google Analytics to generate statistical data on how visitors use our website. Google analytics collects information such as the countries and cities in which visitors are based, the length of time visitors spend on the site, which pages are visited and whether visitors use computers or mobile devices. The information is de-personalised and is displayed as numbers, meaning it cannot be tracked back to individuals. This will help to protect your privacy. It allows us to see what parts of the world our visitors come from and which pages on our site are most popular. This helps us to provide more of the content you are interested in.

You may opt-out of Google Analytics’ cookies using the opt-out facility on their website here.

2. Social sharing cookies: We use social sharing buttons on certain pages of our site. These allow you to share these pages via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Your use of the social sharing buttons on our site is completely optional.

If you log in to use any of these sharing buttons, the process of sharing is handled directly with the social sharing providers and their databases and servers. These sites may also monitor your usage of these buttons, by assigning a unique ID to your browser. The cookie they use will let them know what pages are of interest to you. They may  use this information to display ads that are relevant to you when you are using their social platform. When they display relevant ads they get higher levels of engagement and this allows the social platforms to charge more to advertisers.

Communication, engagement and actions taken through external social media platforms are custom to the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policies held with each social media platform respectively.


If You Wish to Opt Out of Cookies
Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. You may change your browser settings to selectively accept or turn off cookies. You can continue to access the information on this website with no loss of functionality if you choose to disable cookies but please note that if you turn off cookies in your browser, the setting will apply to all websites you visit and some features of many sites may not function properly if you don’t accept cookies. You can read more about cookie settings here.

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