Herbal and Homeopathic Detox in the Scientific Literature

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There is much anecdotal evidence on the effectiveness of herbal and homeopathic detox as an ancillary treatment to classical homeopathy. This comes most often in the form of case studies, client testimonials and personal recommendations. But what about scientific evidence in the form of actual published studies? Is there any evidence that the body’s natural detox mechanisms can be helped by herbal and homeopathic organ support remedies? Below are several studies to show that detox supported by herbs and homeopathy … Read More

Comorbid Complaints in Autism: Can Homeopathy Help?

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Conditions which accompany a main condition or diagnosis are called comorbid complaints or comorbidities. According to scientific studies, autistic people as a group tend to have a greater number of additional health challenges or comorbidities than those found in the general population. Most of these are common conditions but according to the science, they occur more often in autistic people. In this post, I’m taking a look at the scientific studies available to show evidence that homeopathy offers an effective … Read More

Yeast Free and Gluten Free Traditional Irish Soda Bread

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This is one of my my favourite recipes for a wheat free and gluten free bread in the style of the traditional Irish soda bread. It does not contain yeast. The raising agent is the combination of bicarbonate of soda and a lactic acid containing milk. I find it much more filling and tasty than the shop-bought breads.  Ingredients 5oz Doves Farm Plain White Flour Blend 4oz rice flour 2.5 oz ground hazelnuts (I use a coffee grinder for this) … Read More

Natural Treatment for Fever

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What is the best natural treatment for a fever? Can you bring a high temperature down with homeopathy? What are common mistakes to avoid when using homeopathy in fever? How will you know if the remedy is working? What’s the First Thing you do when Your Child develops a Fever? You get a phone call from school; your child is not feeling well. As soon as you pick them up you see they have a temperature. What’s the first thing … Read More

High Temperature in Children: Does it Have a Purpose? What Makes a Fever Successful?

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Are fevers to be welcomed or feared? Does a high temperature have a purpose and what makes a fever successful? Learn: how to recognise the 3 stages of a fever why you shiver or perspire and what it means when the fever “breaks” 5 advantages of allowing a fever to run 5 disadvantages of allowing a fever to run the effect of taking paracetamol during fever the effect of taking a homeopathic remedy   How do you feel when your … Read More

Effective Natural Remedies for Hay Fever

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If you are currently in the midst of hay fever season and you’re looking for immediate relief, you’re on the right page. If you are interested in a longer-term approach to get rid of your hay-fever for good, see my companion post, How to get Rid of Hay Fever for Good. When you’re in the throes of acute hay fever, the best quick fix is the one that works!In my experience, nothing works better than a good acute homeopathic remedy. … Read More

How To Get Rid Of Hay Fever For Good

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It’s a beautiful summer’s day. The children are all out playing and your daughter is sitting inside, windows closed, curtains drawn, with red watery eyes that make her look like she’s been crying. Up the road, in another house, they know that Summer has arrived when the children start to count how many sneezes Dad can do in one go. His current record is 18. He finds it embarrassing, especially when it happens at work. In another part of town, … Read More

Resolving PANDAS naturally with Homeopathy

PANDAS Symptoms Separation anxiety, OCD, impulsivity, aggression, tics, eye blinking, grunting, deterioration in hand-writing, sensory issues, attention deficit, hyperactivity, alternating moods, violence to parents or siblings, severe tantrums, oppositional defiance, restricted diet or even anorexia due to difficulty swallowing, urinary frequency, bed-wetting and day-time accidents, trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, nightmares: the list is long! This is the constellation of symptoms I have seen in children who have come to me for homeopathy after getting a diagnosis of PANDAS. … Read More

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