It’s pretty disconcerting to find that your child has a long-term health challenge – something that can’t be just fixed and forgotten. If you’re like me, you’ll find yourself looking outside the box for solutions.

When deciding on the best route for your child, the last thing you want is to feel hurried or rushed. You want to know that the therapist understands where you’re coming from and where you most need help. You want to feel free to ask questions.

In more complex children’s cases, I find that the usual 10-minute introductory chat is never long enough.

To better meet your needs, I offer a 45-minute exploratory consultation, which gives you the opportunity to talk about your child’s case and explore the options. You can book an appointment for a time that suits you. There will be ample time to tell me about the symptoms that are causing bother right now and the path you have taken so far.

I’ll take the time to listen and perhaps ask some questions so that I can better understand your case. I’ll give you my initial thoughts from a holistic perspective and explain how I could approach your child’s case, using homeopathy.

The object of this appointment is to give you time and space to talk, ask questions and find out whether my homeopathic approach would fit in with your needs right now. Whether or not you decide to work with me, my aim in this appointment is to help you find clarity in making your decision.

This is a no-obligation, paid for appointment. If you decide to work with me, the cost of this session is refundable against a 4-month starter package.