Flexible Healthcare for Changing Requirements

Throughout their lives, the challenges men experience constantly change. Men typically find that the different phases of life are characterised by distinct sets of ailments.

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Homeopathy in the Teenage Years

In youth, men commonly consult a homeopath for acne and often school or exam stress.

Other common complaints that do well with homeopathy include a variety of skin disorders, digestive complaints including IBS, recurrent infections and respiratory conditions including asthma. 

Homeopathy for men with stress related pain

Stress Related Complaints

In a man's middle years, the most common complaints I see in my practice are, to some degree, associated with stress.

Stress related symptoms can have a physical expression such as high blood pressure, chest pains, back pain, skin eruptions or recurrent infections.

Equally, the stress may be expressed in emotional symptoms such as poor sleep, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, irritability or depression.

All of these can be successfully treated with an individualised homeopathic constitutional remedy.

Sports Injuries

At all stages of life, men are encouraged to take exercise. Your sport may be enjoyable as a hobby or you may be involved at a competitive level. When sports injuries occur, they halt not only the physical activity but also the mental release that is afforded by exercise. Homeopathy can assist recovery to a remarkable degree in many of these sports related strains and injuries.

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Gender Specific Complaints

As men mature, they are prone to some very specific male ailments, such as disorders of the prostate and reproductive system, including erectile dysfunction and BPH.  

I recommend seeing your GP as your first point of contact in these complaints. Once you get the all clear, consider complementary therapies. In my practice over the years I have seen many men helped enormously by homeopathy in all of these conditions.

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Health & Wellbeing in Later Years

After a lifetime in employment, with all its associated stresses and pressures, it can come as a surprise to find that your long-awaited retirement has its own pressures and stresses. Homeopathy can aid your mental and emotional adjustment to the new circumstances that go with retirement. The unhurried consultation gives you the opportunity to talk about your situation in a supportive atmosphere. Your homeopathic remedy is prescribed to treat the whole picture of your health and can bring ease and benefit to all aspects, mental, emotional and physical.

Holistic Healthcare

Homeopathy is an invaluable support throughout a man's life, offering a holistic approach to both physical and psychological ailments.

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In some situations, homeopathic medicine can be used as an alternative way to look after your health; in others it will be a supplementary support to conventional treatments.

Don't see your health concern mentioned? Homeopathy may still be able to help you.


When we treat the person instead of the complaint, all kinds of improvements are possible.


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