Benefits Seen in my Practice for Children with Autism Spectrum Conditions

Healthy young boyThese are among the changes and benefits that parents of children with autism have reported in my practice during the Homeopathy and Homeopathic Detox Therapy process:

  • Improved physical health with increased resistance to infections
  • Reduced need for antibiotics and other medications
  • Better sleep
  • Improvement or full resolution of bowel problems such as diarrhoea or constipation
  • Improvement or full resolution of toileting problems
  • Decreased anxiety, child becomes calmer/ happier/ more at ease in self
  • Increased awareness or greater interest in surroundings and other people
  • More interest in communication: a non-verbal child may start to babble and imitate
  • A verbal child starts to put more words together or becomes more expressive
  • Improved listening
  • Increase in comprehension, leading to less frustration and greater co-operation
  • Lessened rigidity about routines or sameness
  • More interest in learning or play, increased appropriate or imaginative play
  • Accepts and follows instruction, co-operates more
  • Increased ability to regulate emotions
  • Decreased intensity of sensory issues
  • Improvement in gross and fine motor skills


My Approach

As a classically trained homeopath, my approach usually involves giving a single “whole person” remedy, which is individually chosen to match each child’s full set of symptoms. This type of remedy is called a “constitutional remedy” and it can be incredibly powerful in straightforward cases.

Sometimes, however, I know from the initial consult that the presentation is complex, with many symptoms to be resolved. This is frequently the case with children who have a diagnosis of autism spectrum.

From experience, I can often predict that we will see much greater benefit if, as well as a constitutional remedy, we give other specific remedies to simultaneously address possible root causes. These possible root causes include unwanted side-effects from a variety of substances. Examples include steroids, antibiotics, anaesthesia, fertility drugs, labour medication, and vaccination.

Isopathy is a branch of homeopathy where we give specific homeopathic remedies made from the actual toxic substances involved. They are given in an extremely dilute form so as to provide a stimulus to the body to clear out their lasting unwanted side-effects.

CEASE Therapy is the name of one method of effecting this type of homeopathic detoxification. Homeopathic Detox Therapy is another. I’m a certified and registered practitioner of both methods.


Why Detoxification?

Boys absorbed in playAutism and the Immune System

Some children begin life with a heightened sensitivity to toxic exposures that may pose less threat to the general population. This inherited sensitivity is most often seen in people with a family history of allergy or autoimmunity.

After certain toxic exposures, combined with inherited poor detoxification abilities, the child’s cup of toxicity begins to overflow. The immune system can be overwhelmed or it can become hyperactive.

For some, this can begin suddenly and very obviously with a very high temperature or a seizure, after which parents notice a clear difference in their child.  For other children, a process of toxic overload can be gradual.

Gradual Toxic Build-Up

Gradual toxic build-up can be seen in a history of food allergies, eczema, recurrent ear infections or tonsillitis. The child may be irritable or fussy. There may be unexplained skin rashes or fevers as the body tries to throw off the toxic build-up. If detoxification capacity doesn’t improve, or if the toxic load continues to increase, a child with this level of sensitivity can go on to have chronic inflammation in the brain, neurological system and gut. Read more about this immune system activation and chronic brain inflammation here and here.

For many children, there is no gradual warning and the first sign of anything out of the ordinary is when language or social development or motor skills don’t progress as expected.

Regressive Autism

Some parents tell me that it seemed as if their child was developing normally for a number of months, making good eye contact, babbling and pointing, and then something changed. Some of these parents are able to describe a very clear before and after. In these cases, homeopathic detox therapy can have a very strong application. We can look at your child’s timeline around the time of his or her regression to see if there is any possible triggering toxic exposure.

Detoxify and See the Results

If you see a developmental jump or other remarkable improvement just after a homeopathic clearing, this will be a clear indication that the particular detox was highly relevant to your child. To see examples of these developmental jumps during CEASE Therapy detoxes, read Austin’s Case.


What is involved in bringing your child for CEASE Therapy?

Adorable little girl holding hands with her parents, coming for CEASE Therapy.

When you are thinking about coming for CEASE Therapy, we will first arrange a time for a short phone consultation to see if this approach is likely to suit you and your child. It’s important to stress that this process is not a “quick-fix” solution. Detoxes take place, step by step, one at a time. You need to be consistent in giving the remedies and vitamins and willing to attend for follow-up consultations roughly every 2 months during the detox period. For children with Autism Spectrum conditions, it is recommended that when all the detoxes are done, you carry on giving a constitutional remedy once or twice a year for two more years.

When you are happy to proceed, we arrange an appointment for the first visit. This is normally attended by one or both parents, without the child. Before the first visit, I will send you a detailed questionnaire about your child’s current health and health history. No two cases are exactly the same and the treatment given is highly individualised to your child’s needs and symptoms.

A second visit, with the child, usually takes place approximately three to six weeks after the first visit.

After that, follow-up visits are usually 8 weeks apart, as this is the length of time it usually takes to do one detox course. I am available for Email and phone support between visits and I encourage you to keep in touch if you have any questions or need guidance with the remedies.

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