What is CEASE Therapy?

CEASE Therapy is a system of assessing previous toxic exposures, which may be related to ongoing current ailments, and treating them homeopathically.

CEASE Therapy was first devised by a Dutch medical doctor and homeopath, Dr Tinus Smits, to counteract any lasting unwanted side effects of vaccinations, medications or other chemical exposures in children.

CEASE therapy’s use has now expanded to recover the health of both children and adults who find that toxic build-up has a role to play in many different health challenges.

CEASE Therapy Consist of 3 Aspects

    • Individualised Constitutional Homeopathic Remedy

    The constitutional homeopathic remedy is a vital part of the treatment. This remedy may be given daily or weekly during the detox period.

    • Clearing or "Detox" Remedies

    These are homeopathic remedies made from from the exact substance that may have caused the unwanted side effects but in a highly diluted (homeopathic) form.  The purpose is to give an energetic signal to the body to clear out any lasting negative effects.

    To guide me in choosing which substances should be cleared, I look at the nature of the presenting symptoms and I assess the case history for past toxic exposures relevant to the symptoms. The clearing remedy is given either once, or twice, a week.

    • Vitamin Support

    This involves giving a small number of supplements to nourish the brain and to support the body during detoxification.

Who is CEASE Therapy For?

  • Anybody who has had a course of well-chosen homeopathy, whose complaints improve for a time but then relapse
  • Clients who find that, while some symptoms are resolved, others are not touched by their constitutional remedy
  • Children who have been exposed to various potentially toxic substances in utero or in infancy and are now presenting with health complaints
  • Children and adults suffering from various post vaccine injury syndromes
  • People with auto-immune conditions or other complex health complaints
  • People who have had many medications in the past
  • Anyone who feels they have not been well since a particular toxic exposure

"The birth of a healthy child is a miracle;

CEASE Therapy developer Tinus Smits says that keeping a child healthy is an art.

keeping a child healthy is an art"

Tinus Smits MD

[The CEASE approach] stands out among many others for its clarity, simplicity, and, perhaps most importantly, its focus on cause.

The fact that it costs a fraction of some other therapies is a bonus and makes it accessible to parents staggering under the cost of treating their autistic child”.

J.B. Handley, Generation Rescue, in the foreword to Dr Tinus Smits' book "Autism Beyond Despair"

Features of my Detox Method

The method I use involves not only post vaccine detoxification. It also emphasises the detoxification of other potentially harmful exposures, such as medications given to the child or to the mother during pregnancy or to either parent in the time before conception.

Other past exposures we can detox include the lasting energetic effects of viruses such as Herpes Zoster, Mononucleosis and Influenza and bacteria such as Streptococcus Pyogenes.

My professional practice as a homeopath began in 2000 and I attended my first CEASE Therapists' training in 2011. Since then, I have attended many further training courses and advanced courses in Homeopathic Detoxification and have gained extensive practical experience in applying these wonderful methods. In my application of CEASE Therapy, I have learned the importance of sourcing exact vaccine and medication remedies. From my training in HDT, I have learned to be attentive to layers in the case and the importance of carrying out the detoxes in the right order.

As part of my case management, I recommend appropriate organ support remedies and I devote particular attention to choosing the most suitable individualised constitutional remedy and to changing this, as required, during the course of treatment. Over the years I have gained considerable experience in helping parents to manage detox reactions so as to minimise discomfort to the child.

These same methods of homeopathic detoxification are also applicable in the homeopathic treatment of women and the homeopathic treatment of men. Click here to view my training and qualifications in Homeopathic Detoxification Therapy, Cease Therapy and Classical Homeopathy.

Before Your First CEASE Therapy Consultation:

  • I invite you to avail of a free initial 20 minute conversation by phone (if you're in Ireland) or via video calling such as Skype, WhatsApp, or Facebook video call.
  • I will send you a detailed intake form to complete and return before your first full consultation.

After the First Consultation:

  • I will analyse your full case to identify your most suitable constitutional homeopathic remedy.
  • I will also consider how your presenting symptoms may be related to your past toxic exposures and decide on the most appropriate detox or clearing remedies to begin.
  • I may prescribe other homeopathic support remedies to assist the detoxification process.
  • I will often prescribe more than one remedy at a time, in order to treat different aspects of your case simultaneously.
  • If you are living in Ireland, I will post your remedies. If you are an overseas client, I will fill a prescription for you and let you know where you can order the remedies.

Neurological Conditions

CEASE Therapists have found Dr Tinus Smits' method of serial detoxification especially useful in the many neurological conditions we are currently seeing in children.

These include Sensory Processing Disorder, Tourettes Syndrome, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism Spectrum Conditions.

CEASE Therapy Process

It's important to state that the full CEASE process takes time. Each detox is done separately, over a 2-month period. Hand in hand with the detox courses, a constitutional remedy is usually prescribed so that all aspects of your health are supported. Other homeopathic support remedies may also be given according to need.

As various aspects of your case show step by step improvement, or are resolved, we may change your remedies to match your changing needs.

To see the best results from the process I ask you to book a follow-up visit once every 2 months (at the end of each detox). I invite you to send me one email progress report between visits.

You will also be welcome to contact me, if you have any question related to the treatment, between visits. Everybody’s detox process will be slightly different and it will be important that you can contact me for guidance as needed during the process.