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Hi there! My name is Carmel O'Keeffe. I'm a Classical Homeopath & CEASE Therapist offering consultations in Naas, Co. Kildare and worldwide via video calling.

My Early Experience with Homeopathy

During my second pregnancy, in the mid-90s, Homeopathy helped me through morning sickness, a chest infection, a natural birth and post-natal recovery. It also effectively treated my new baby for colic, eczema, croup and recurrent ear infections.

In 1996, I began the four-year professional training course in classical homeopathy at the Irish School of Homeopathy.

Carmel O'Keeffe CEASE Therapist in Naas, Co. Kildare


When he was four, our son received a dual diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder. This is when homeopathy really came into its own for us.

Within a few days of receiving his first constitutional remedy, our boy, who previously had only single words, was suddenly coming out with whole sentences, and was able to begin more challenging work in speech therapy.

Vaccine Injury

Around the time of our son's diagnosis, I was reading "A Shot in the Dark" by Harris Coulter. I was struck by the similarity between our story and that of numerous other families described in the book. Realising that our son may have suffered vaccine injury, I began to research ways of helping him further.

Homeopathic Detox

In 2000, I prescribed my first course of vaccine detox remedies for my son, according to the early methods devised by Dr Tinus Smits. The results were very encouraging and provided benefit at a deeper level than we had seen from constitutional homeopathy alone.

CEASE Therapy

In 2010, Dr Smits published his book “Autism Beyond Despair” setting out his experiences of vaccine detox over the intervening 10 years and describing an enhanced method of detoxing, not only vaccines, but also past medications and other potentially harmful exposures. He called his method CEASE Therapy.

I attended my first CEASE Therapy training course in 2011 and immediately began to use the method, first with my own son, and then in my practice. The results have left me in no doubt about the power and potential of homeopathy and CEASE Therapy to help people with these conditions.

Health Empowerment

I’m happy to be your guide in this exciting journey towards health empowerment for you and your child because it’s a path that I have travelled too. Treating people with a combination of classical homeopathy and homeopathic detoxification methods such as HDT and CEASE Therapy has gradually become a specialisation within my practice.

Client Satisfaction

When parents talk about the changes in their children as a result of a course of CEASE Therapy, the words they use most often are “I’m amazed”. Parents usually come with one main issue in mind but are then delighted to see benefits in several areas simultaneously.

CEASE Therapy and Homeopathic Detox Therapy Qualifications

2016: Two 5 day courses on Homeopathic Detox Therapy at The International School for Human Chemistry and HDT in Den Hoorn, Netherlands. See list of registered practitioners of Homeopathic Detoxification Therapy.

2014: CEASE Therapist's Training Course in Dublin, Ireland. See list of Kim Kalina trained CEASE Therapists

2013: Advanced CEASE Therapist's Course in Driebergen, Netherlands (Kim Kalina & Isaac Golden)

2011: CEASE Therapist's Training Course in Cambridge, UK. (Ton Jansen)

See full list of all registered CEASE Therapists

Professional Homeopathy Qualifications

2000 - 2003: Post graduate homeopathy course focusing on clinical practice and long-term case management at I.S.H. Dublin.

2002: Became a fully registered member of the Irish Society of Homeopaths (I.S.Hom.)

2000: Licentiate to practice homeopathy from the Irish School of Homeopathy (Lic. I.S.H.)

If you are considering coming for Homeopathy or CEASE Therapy, please browse my site to find out more. Then contact me to arrange a free 15 minute Skype session or phone call.

Wishing you health and happiness,
Carmel O’Keeffe B.A. Lic. I.S.H. I.S.Hom.
Homeopath and CEASE Therapist

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