Short-term or recent once-off complaints

An acute remedy is prescribed on the symptoms of the acute illness but not aiming to treat the whole person. For this reason, an acute consultation is much shorter than a full constitutional consultation.


Typical acute conditions would be:

  • early stage unwanted post vaccine reactions (first 2 weeks)
  • ‘flu, cough, “once off” respiratory complaints of recent onset
  • stomach upsets and food poisoning
  • pregnancy sickness
  • recovery after childbirth, caesarian section or surgery
  • recovery after injury from an accident
  • breast feeding difficulties
  • acute or recurrent mastitis
  • acute cystitis
  • childhood illness such as chicken pox/ hand, foot and mouth disease/ impetigo
  • shingles
  • acute glandular fever
  • bites and stings
  • sports injuries including bruises, sprains and strains
  • bone knitting after a break or surgery


Acute remedies ease discomfort, prevent complications and promote speedy recovery

If your health is generally in good order, an occasional acute illness can be very well managed and often speedily resolved with the help of a well-chosen acute remedy.


Short Consultation for Acute Treatment

Depending on the condition, I may be able to treat your acute complaint over the phone or on Skype.

We can have a 15 or 20 minute conversation where I get details of your complaint and your symptoms. I then take time to work on these symptoms and chose the best remedy for you, after which I text, or email you with prescription details. If you own a remedy kit, you may already have the remedy you need. Otherwise, you have the choice to order your remedy from one of the homeopathic pharmacies, or, if you live in Ireland, I can supply your remedy by post.

The cost of an acute consultation ranges from €30 to €50 depending on the condition, how much the treatment needs to be individualised for you and whether I will be supplying the remedy or remedies. The fee includes a follow-up email or text to check that all is going to plan. If I need to prescribe a second remedy for the same condition, there is no extra charge.


A note for anyone who is constantly getting sick

If you have had a series of acute illnesses, and are suffering from poor resistance generally, it’s best not to wait until you are suffering from yet another acute illness before looking for help. Instead of constantly “fire-fighting” your health, I invite you to work with me in a different way, using a course of safe and effective constitutional homeopathy, to support and strengthen your health, mentally, emotionally and physically. Addressing the bigger picture can work in a preventative way by strengthening your system as a whole.

People who experience the benefits of a constitutional homeopathic remedy frequently tell me they wish they’d come sooner. Why keep suffering until your symptoms become unbearable? Morning, afternoon and evening appointments are available. I invite you to make time for your health! Why not make an appointment for constitutional homeopathy today?