Effective Natural Remedies for Hay Fever

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If you are currently in the midst of hay fever season and you’re looking for immediate relief, you’re on the right page. If you are interested in a longer-term approach to get rid of your hay-fever for good, see my companion post, How to get Rid of Hay Fever for Good. When you’re in the throes of acute hay fever, the best quick fix is the one that works!In my experience, nothing works better than a good acute homeopathic remedy. … Read More

How To Get Rid Of Hay Fever For Good

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It’s a beautiful summer’s day. The children are all out playing and your daughter is sitting inside, windows closed, curtains drawn, with red watery eyes that make her look like she’s been crying. Up the road, in another house, they know that Summer has arrived when the children start to count how many sneezes Dad can do in one go. His current record is 18. He finds it embarrassing, especially when it happens at work. In another part of town, … Read More

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